Have you ever had to pretend to be the manager?

Back in my wireless days, many, many years ago - as an independent contractor, we rarely had real management in the stores. The company provided us with product and storefronts, and we would sell those wireless products.

At that time, there was no "cloud" unless you're walking by Corporate Bro's car in the parking lot with the windows tinted and a smoke cloud surrounding it... Shout out CB. Anyways, when people needed their pictures and contacts transferred, we had a little machine that did it.

Now, I live my life with integrity - but some of the reps, like all companies are sketch af. When a girl give them their phone to transfer those pictures, they would go through them... Yes, I know - wtf, right? Until one day, this idiot we worked with went through the wrong girls pictures.... she wouldn't have known, but this POS texted her and said "you looked hot in your pictures." sigh...

She calls the store, I answer - and from there she brings in what had to be a borderline giant to confront the rep. 5-minutes before she showed up.... our employee was bawling his eyes out and begging me to be the manager.... I did - ended up reporting him...he got fired.

That's all for context, has anything like that ever happen to you?

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I've had to step up in leadership roles, but nothing crazy like this
Call me what you want, just sign the damn contract
Honey badger not only gave a fuck but stepped up and did the right thing. Maybe you're misnamed?
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Did I?ย  I mean, we were 100% commission...ย  did I care, or was I trying to take a chair away from the buffet?ย ย 

No, you're right - I should be "The_Ethical_Badger - He cares, but don't get closed to him while he's eating"

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