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Have you reneged on a job offer?

The question says it all. I got a great offer yesterday but have a 48hr window to accept it. A. I'm going to ask for an extension because 48hrs is way too short, but B. I'm hedging to get through an interview process with a much larger company that moves a lot slower. I am probably two weeks out from an offer there.

Also, for some context: the offer and company seem great, I really love the people. The main reason I'm not as interested is the product, I have no familiarity with the industry or a passion for it. I know this is the golden rule of selling - sell something you believe in. Can you be successful in this scenario?

Would love some more anecdotal advice vs. poll voting.

What would you do?
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I had a similar situation when finding my most recent job - I was interviewing for two roles at the same time and the one that wanted took longer to send a formal offer. I didn't want to decline the first offer until I received that second but they gave me a 24 hour timeframe to accept - and I told them that I need 48 at the minimum. Luckily the job that I wanted came through in time and I didn't have to gamble. Definitely a stressful situation though!
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If you can't see yourself enjoying selling that product, it isn't the role for you. I don't believe you can be successful selling a product you don't like or believe in.
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you need to enjoy the product to be successful but if you need the $$ you need the $$
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What if the other job doesn't make you an offer? Are you in a place where you can wait?
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Well I found out they passed on me shortly after posting this, haha. But, basically, I've job hopped a little bit and the next place I go needs to be a winner (Salesforce, Netsuite, etc). So part of me thinks I need to keep holding out for that. I'm on semi borrowed time but I have at least 3-6 weeks.
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