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How do I market myself after a successful consulting gig?

I posted this rant a couple weeks back.

The SDR team that I was helping is now looking to add headcount and grow. The SDR I was helping went from call to set ratio of 295:1 to 48:1. This was basically just through basic objection handling and teaching her how to sell the demo, not the product.

I also sat down and had some power hours to figure out the script. A/B tested things and got a sample that gave them some direction. I put together a playbook and now they are running with it to try and start scaling a team.

Now, I'd like to try and continue doing this. Thing is, I'm just a mid-career AE and by no means an expert, I just have some ways I can help SDR's be a little bit better through the thousands of calls I have made.

How would you go about marketing yourself if you were me? Cold outreach? Create my own agency and grow through referrals?

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I'd do this a few more times and then find a company that seriously needs to scale up the SDR group and get yourself signed up as the leader. Get that $ and that equity.ย 
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@goodculturefitnot asking for you to spill your secret sauce (maybe slightly), but interested In hearing a little more on selling the demo Vs the product if you wouldnt mind dropping a couple points.ย 
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Probably pretty basic stuff but basically I use the Mike Weinberg power statement. โ€œI help x do Xโ€ or something similar and then I just push to meet and keep asking to meet. I see a lot of SDRs and AEโ€™s go wrong by trying to sell the product in the cold call whereas Iโ€™m trying to see if a problem resonates enough to push for a meeting. So just ring on the problem, ask for the meeting, when they say no, ring back on the problem and ask for a meeting
Indeed a big mistake I see a lot. Keep away from pitching in a cold call.ย 
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I would use the numbers you just shared with us and explained in detail how he got there. In sales everything has yo be accountable, numbers talk big time!
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