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How do you decide to leave a company and team you love, selling a product you believe in?

Asking for a friend who doesn't want to post it themselves, even pseudo-anonymously (but they'll see responses and respond as needed via me)

He likes his team. He likes his boss. He likes the leadership. He likes the company. The company is mission driven he feels good about the work he's doing selling this product - truly helping people.

He also very much liked the salary.. but now he sees that he's qualified to get a healthy 10-20% bump in base (plus either similar commission or up to 20% more on-target) depending on the company. He's getting a few feelers from recruiters as well and solid conversations with them (yes, recruiters can obviously blueball you to oblivion, he knows that).

What advice would you give to my friend in terms of how to navigate his career choices? I think he can do better, but I get that there's safety in a known quantity. He'll fight me on this, but it's also his first AE role (althoug he's had other jobs in other career paths before), so I question whether the company/team/boss are really that great, or just that he hasn't seen other sales orgs.

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Itโ€™s easy to get lured by 10-20% pay jump but in reality itโ€™s really tough to find those other things that they enjoy about their current role. Iโ€™d say itโ€™s probably not worth jumping
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Also it made me laugh because it sounds like the typical โ€œasking for a friendโ€
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Deepak Chopra of Sales
I believe in the ABI rule: Always Be Interviewing. Know your worth out there.ย 

But he should REALLY do his due diligence. Ask to speak with customers who use the product. Ask to speak with investors. If they say no... he has nothing to lose.ย 

Negotiating from a position of power is the best feeling in the world. Use it.
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I donโ€™t really see a right or wrong answer. Staying makes sense and leaving (taking a risk) also makes sense.ย 

I guess itโ€™s really about what the hell he wants right now.ย 

HE needs to make the decision. Not hastily but he needs to make a decision and not look back.ย 

Not making a decision will cause regret regardless of what he decides.ย 

ย Whatever it is - โ€œJust do itโ€.
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That's a good way to think about it. And once he makes the decision he can't sit and try to talk himself out of it.
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Thanks for the comments, everyone. I think he's getting a bit more of a clear eye about his own org - still thinks the world of them, but having had no other yardstick to measure them against in a sales context, he realizes there's value in knowing his worth and making an informed, educated decision.
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I would NEVER leave a company with that many positives for 10-20% pie in the sky.ย  NEVER.
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He will spend that 10-20% on whiskey, crying about the perfect job he left...ย 
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