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How do you price a seat-based product at the Enterprise level (10K+ end-user licenses)

πŸ€” Curious if we have folks here who sell a SaaS solution that is end-user license based (for e.g. slack)

How do you price when no. of seats go above 10K+ org-wide licenses?

What have you found working in this kind of enterprise buying cycles?

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I work for a SaaS analytics company.

When it becomes hard to reliably count the influencing factors within our pricing (seats, quantity of data, number of accounts etc.) we tend to move the focus onto other things that are easier to count i.e. number of business units, departments, markets, countries, affiliates etc. that will be using the tool.

This makes it easier for the prospect but still captures the sense of scale to which your solution will be implemented across their organisation.Β 

The tricky part here is how you define these new measures within a contract, if your Legal Counsel is any good though they should be able to make that pretty water tight.

Good luck! Sounds like a big deal.
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Not knowing much about your product offering, in general shift to a minimum cost plus flat rate pricing for add ons. So it sounds something like:

For +10k users it's $250,000, for anything above +12k users it's $275,000. The add-ons for ___ would be $25,000 for all users combined, and that includes setup, training, and ongoing service.
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Couple this a current customer or new logo and is that 10k+ all at once or where they see themselves being in 3-5 years? Depending on these it's possible you may want to propose an Enterprise License Agreement
Higher Base with vaporware product or Lower Base with a killer product
Should the total value of multi-year SaaS deals count towards your current year quota?
How do clients pay for a multi-year deal?
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Are your comms paid on MRR rather than annual contract value?