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How do you tell your manager to GO AWAY without being rude??

My manager is a really great guy and has great ability in his capacity as a sales person, however he is always hovering over, telling me to do basic things that I've already done and just generally talking to me like I'm a little bit stupid. Outside of work though, he's great, we have a laugh and get along. How can I get him to stop this micromanagement?

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Set up a 15 minute check in, just say politely, sometimes this gets me out of the flow of work and I'm sure that you are busy too, can we check in everyday at 11:45 for 15 minutes and I can update you on everything done, to do, and congregate all my questions?Β 

I did this w my sdrs, but maybe just being proactive and sending updates/ a "to do" list in the morning with even the most obvious updates to the questions you know he will ask later.
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This is the way.

Nobody likes a micro manager, but most of the time it is due to them having trust issues (nothing you are doing wrong, just a personality trait of theirs).Β 

So the best way around it is to over communicate for a bit. Riss's suggestion is spot on, set a 1:1 and/or send a summary each day to start. This way you can control the pace and narrative AND they get the info they want. Over time you start to space out the updates once they work through their trust issues and are confident in your ability to execute (again, don't take it personal it has nothing to do with you most of the time).
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In a 1 on 1 I would mention how unplanned interactions distract you. And then bring it up when it's happening. And then if it doesn't change be very direct with it
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I've had this happen recently. Boundaries are necessary but it sounds like he is there for support. I'd approach with something along these lines.Β 

"Boss man, can't thank you enough for your leadership of me over the last X amount of months. It truly has been invaluable and helped me immensely.Β 

I'd like to take on a bit more responsibility. Could we meet (in person or virtual) once a (week, every other week, month) and I can report back with XYZ data, findings, reports, etc?Β 

I know I can reach out and lean on you if I need help throughout the process but I'd like to challenge myself on this. It feels like this could really help my growth here."
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Be honest. Tell him it does not work and that you ll be more productive without it.Β 

Agree that he does not do it for x days / week. Make sure everything is a okay.Β 

agree with him he can not micromanage you until something is not done.Β 

win win
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Just say it honestly in your next one on one. Tell him it gets you out of the of the zone and that it's bothering you.Β 

Remember - you're a sales savage.
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You just have to learn that's how most managers operate.Β 
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set a weekly review meeting for your own "personal growth" then tell him that hearing all the feedback eats away at your confidence and that you would love to hear it all in privet. then I would constantly be asking for advice and put him on a pedistal. but honestly the best way is CLOSE MORE DEALSΒ 
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Tell him during your one on one that you need a set time once a week to discuss things so you can avoid further distractions.Β 
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