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How do you transition from working leads to accounts and from SMB to Enterprise?

The title says it. I've been moved/promoted to working fortune 500 Enterprise accounts from working commercial SMB leads. I'm doing a lot of research and reaching out to my sales leaders, but still could use some advice. Obviously, I'm not blasting cold emails to CEOs of fortune 500 companies, but here's my strategy approach and if you see how it can be improved/changed, feel free to say so.


1) Research(Company, what they do, pain point)

2) POC(ICP- Am I speaking to the right person)

3) If so, send a hyper custom email based on why I'm reaching out to them because within the industry(insert pain point statistic), here's how we can help with problem x and if your company is facing similar issues, would it make sense to further the conversation?


How should I be allocating my time? (Researching accounts/news, calling, custom emailing)

Could use some advice


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- Research a lot, but don’t get sucked into it (depending on your # of accounts… if you have like 10 enterprise accounts then know each of them like the back of your hand). - To the contacts that you think are the right ones, send more relevant/tailored messaging. In SMB or Mid-market, there may have been 1 or 2 people in charge of the area related to the product you sold. In enterprise, there could be 10+, just in different capacities or in different regions. Figure out what piece of the puzzle each one manages and then send them emails relating to their specific involvement. - Using referrals will get you the farthest in enterprise. Anytime you can reference β€œHey I spoke to Bob in marketing and he recommended I reach out to you regarding XYC”, your reply relates will sky rocket. Oftentimes in MM, they may see that as intrusive (that you are reaching out to 4 of 5 marketing people in the org, for example). Just a few examples from my experience πŸ€“
Over all skeleton of this framework is good but each steps might need more sub-steps
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