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How does everyone open a disco call?

Curious to know what the war room broskies say around the end goal and objective of a outbound disco call.

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I typically start with establishing an upfront contract identifying two possible outcomes. Ripped straight from Sandler pretty much. 

'Prospect X, for context there's only really two outcomes from this call. Either we both agree that it's not the right fit to help you, or you find this discussion compelling enough to speak further and chat about next steps. That work for you as well?'

Also just ask them why you're talking right now - person X or executive Y has agreed to give up their time to speak, so what's the reason? What part of SDR Billy Bobs messaging struck a chord?
SaaS Eater
Cold outbound disco call isn’t really a thing in SaaS sales. Cold outbound is usually designed to set up a disco call. So in that sense the language around objective would be something like I’m looking to set time to see if you’re a fit for X, when are you free to better understand your needs and how we can help
solve X. Your objective on the open call is to set a disco meeting. Your objective on the disco is to uncover pain points and business needs that your platform can solve. In a complex sale it’s pretty tough to accomplish that all on a cold outbound. 
Account Executive
Sorry didnt mean cold outbound disco call. Im referring more to, meeting booked by sdr with no context. You have the intial disco call, what do you open with as an end goal or objective of the call?
SaaS Eater
Our objective on a disco is always to uncover 2-3 issues the business is facing that we can solve. The end goal is to make those pain points impactful and well defined so we can schedule a product call to propose our solution. 

As far as language goes, build rapport for the first couple minutes, set the agenda that we are looking to learn more about their business and issues they are facing, and outline that if it seems like their is potential for partnership, we will schedule a product call at the end. 
VP of Sales
I second what @UrAssIsSaaS mentioned below. Most of the time during a cold call, you're interrupting their day and their mood will likely be "annoyed". You may crack a joke or have a laugh, but you're really just chatting with them for 3 mins tops about setting a follow up appointment. 

When they show up to that Disco call, you will likely have their attention and they will usually say something like "Glad we could connect - looking forward to hearing more". That's the point where you expose pain, find use cases, identify buyers/champs, etc etc and tee up a demo meeting. 
Chief Revenue Officer
I'm an "agenda" guy, always have been. I usually open with "here is what we can expect for the next 30 minutes - just to confirm do you have a hard stop at the half/top of hour" - this way the client knows what to expect, and I know whether I have to be bullet proof in my timing, or I have some flexibility to go off script a bit. 
Good Citizen
Enterprise Account Executive
I'm always looking to understand their role, responsibility and therefore what matters most to them. This will shape which questions will be relevant to ask to uncover pain points but will also help you put them into a bucket of End User, Influencer, potential Champion or Eco Buyer. 
A disco call outcome will be to meet with other colleagues to discuss issues raised or a presentation of the solution to problems uncovered.
I start with some small talk/rapport. Then set an agenda. Ask if they agree with the agenda and if they want to add something. 

Then I just start digging and always try to go deep enough to know the real impact of challenges or problems. 

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