How I landed 4 job offers in 30 days using common sales tactics (data included)

TL;DR I landed 11 interviews and 4 job offers in 30 days using a combination of LinkedIn, email, and a few past customer lists.

Last month, I got canned out of the blue, so I poured all of my pain & untapped sales energy into countless hours of optimizing this job hunt.


Linkedin warm messages

  1. Send quick notes to previous coworkers and clients (no premium... 1st connections and anyone w/ open DMs)
  2. "Hey NAME, saw your company was hiring and I'm in the market for a sales role. Any chance you're on the lookout for a senior AE?"
  3. Be quickly responsive to any replies, and track everything in a CRM or notes doc (I use Streak CRM for Gmail which is 100% free)


  1. Emails are not a good primary communication method, but they can help you differentiate yourself and show off your skills.
  2. As soon as I sent a linkedin message, I'd follow up with a short email that was in the style of outbound cold outreach.
  3. Subject: still rocking the data world?
  4. Body: Hey Mike, hope you and the team are still rocking the data world @ [COMPANY]. I'm reaching out because I remember you mentioning the great team culture. I recently came into the market for a new sales role, and saw this position had opened up last week. Any chance you'd be able to refer me in or give me some tips for how to stand out?"

Customer Lists

  1. I found a list of my past customers, and reached out to 8 of them via email/Linkedin to get a referral to the CRO or VP of Sales.
  2. IT IS SO EASY to get a referral when you've already sold to someone successfully. It's a psychological sales job finding hack!


  • 0 jobs applied to on website or via linkedin
  • Sent 52 warm Linkedin messages
  • Followed up with 40 emails (12 couldn't find contact info)
  • Emailed/DM'd 8 previous clients


  • 11 first round interviews in 30 days
  • 7 2nd round interviews in 30 days
  • 4 (expected) full-time offers in 30 days

I hope this helps anyone impacted by layoffs or needing extra motivation!!

DM me or comment with your own stories, I'd love to hear it.

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Account Executive
Wright, appreciate you showing the process/method and data behind it instead of just an “I did it”

Hoping you get all the offers
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Good for you! Networking is always the best way to get an opportunity! As you said, these contacts already know you. Most people feel the need to help someone they know when asked. Great reminder for anyone looking for a new role! Congrats!
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Seriously I like the LinkedIn warm message.
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What a great post. Thank you for taking the time to outline your process and what worked. It’s really helpful to see the amount of effort you put in to sell yourself - and how it has paid off for you. I hope you get the multiple offers you anticipate, and that you get something great out of them!

One question: how did you narrow down your target companies?
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That’s a great way to do it. Good luck landing a job!
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Here's my linkedin if anyone wants to see the final result next week >>
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I think my problem is most of the companies I sold to were in the retail, or hospitality space. I haven't been in B2B software long enough to collect a good number of coworkers or managers who could refer me into their companies. All of my networking efforts have been cold. Some meetings resulted, but always ended with "we put hiring on hold for now."

Just gonna keep plugging away.
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I'm kind of in the same boat. My area of expertise is selling L&D SaaS solutions to a variety of vertical markets that don't sell the same thing. experience, as vast as it is, rarely aligns with the goals of my clients and connections.
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Thanks for sharing! That’s the way to go, I’ve also gotten all of my jobs (except the very first one) by referrals, you can’t beat a recommendation!
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Something still feels spammy about this post, but I guess thanks for sharing your insight.
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I’m not seeing a sales pitch here - I like the detail regarding the approach and the effort. I think there’s good value here myself.
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This is gold. Thank you for the actionable advice.
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Fantastic effort, congrats.
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Fantastic, thanks for sharing.
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You're a machine! Perfectly applying the sales process to job hunting. I love it!
thanks bro
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Thank you so much for this…I am trying to obtain a fully remote SDR position 🙏🏼
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Great post …thanks for sharing!
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Smart !
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Wow, This is impressive. Thank you for sharing!
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Nice tactics and very beneficial and thanks for the added TLDR.

I'm working in Industrial robotic solution providing company. As in India idk how to sell robotic solution(B2B) as I do not have contacts any advice? P.S: - LinkedIn is not useful tool for B2B sales in India because most of people use it as Facebook or for job hunting 🙁


Has massive growth ever led to mental breakdown? I have been hustling since 17 years old chasing to strive for success doing odd jobs and unintentionally ended up with Edtech K12 Sales as my first official sales job - A toxic culture with no employee respect eventually me to switch after 18 months. Since reps in Edtech are highly valued, had no option but to continue in Edtech sales. This time it was higher education segment, things looked good in the first few month but slowly it started adapting methodologies like the old Edtech since the management was changed. I decided to move out and switch to B2B SaaS. After 13 months of learning & success, my aspirations weren’t matching with the growth vision shared by my manager and ended up being desperate to switch. Got to a AM-Inside Sales role with a 50% hike. Guess what? It led to my mental break down since the culture is pathetic. In entire journey, all challenges never affected my performance but l am losing the spark to glow and hustle eventually. While I plan to switch, a token of guilt is still alive. The experiences have made me far better and strong as a BDR but blank about the next steps in my career. Thanks for reading. Do share your thoughts.


Worked as a Freelance Sales expert from last 7 years..... Now looking for tech sales job