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How long does it take to move from an AE role to a sales manager role?

I’ve been an AE for 2 years. I am curious to know how long it would take to move from an AE role to becoming a sales manager. Do I need any managerial experience in order to get promoted? 

What do I need to do in order to become a manager? Do I have to be one of the top performers in order to become a manager? What makes a great sales manager vs just good? How can I demonstrate that I am a suitable candidate for a managerial position in sales? 

Any advice you have is greatly appreciated!

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No, you just need to find a company willing to take a shot on you and a desperate need to pump their numbers. The easiest way is into a company that's never done outbound sales, but be prepared to do an AE job + manage others and establish everything, including forecasting. The second easiest way is to fight to the death with the existing manager (or just snipe their spot if they leave.)

>>You're always a top performer in interviews ;)
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I love this response!
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