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How long is too long to pursue a prospect? When do you stop and why?

When should you say no more, stop the communication and move on when prospecting? It is an interesting topic. I have just recently closed a 3 year deal with prospect I have been in contact with for the past 3 years! I did not bombard them with comms, I just let them know I was still there and what we offered, I made the communications relaxant to the changing times and what that might mean to them. I did not spend lots of time but just had a feeling this might close one day so stayed in contact. The question though is when do you stop and why?

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I don’t think there’s a hard time limit of β€˜too long’, I think it comes down to the nature of the relationship and how often you hit them up.
Totally agree with what you posted @fozzy, if the value of the account is there, and you keep the conversation casual and to basic updates and check in’s rather than bombarding them- it can pay dividends in the long run!
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If you have a wide open territory, then don’t waste your time on someone who doesn’t want to buy. If you have a limited territory, spend time with each account corresponding to their potential to buy and their potential contract size.Β 
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Totally agree. If you have a limited territory, spend time on those who show immediate interest and those that have huge potential
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I like the way you played it. Cool, yet valuable.  You did good kid 😎
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I’ll share an answer I shared on a similar post:

If my prospect / champion becomes evasive and I can’t seem to find any alignment on how to move forward or there’s just zero execution behind it... That’s when I stop trying to get a β€˜yes’ and I actively β€˜go for no’. Otherwise, some prospects will just string you along forever.Β 

But I don’t assume the β€˜no’. I get a real β€˜no’.
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I nurture the lead until I’m told to take them off the distribution list. Some accounts just take longer >12-24 months
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