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How many prospecting calls do you actually make in a day? Let's be honest now...

I'm an Account Executive working in acquisitions (I know, pretty big deal, right?) Prospecting is part of the job. I get it. I've had way more success using a strategic outreach approach by trying to coax the ol decision maker out of there cave with some sort of incentive just long enough for me to get them in my crosshair.

That's all well and good but my company still wants us to make cold calls. They expect 20 dials a day. I know that's not crazy but I seriously look around me and have a feeling that literally no one is actually making dials. Most of our BDRs rely heavily on inbounds and just spamming people with emails. They don't even get on the phone for a qualifying conversation before sending some would-be customers over to us.

Listen people! What I'm getting at is, are people actually making the cold/warm calls anymore or are we just pretending too??? For me, it just depends on the day and which side of the bed that I woke up on.

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How many times will you call a prospect after they don't answer the first time? At what frequency? I typically don't make a lot of repeat calls, just call with volume consistently and try to catch folks at the right time...
How many AEs out there are still making cold calls to drum up business?
% of Pipeline sourced by AE directly (cold not marketing leads that AE follows up on)
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How Many Calls Do You Make In A Day?
I always hit my KPIs
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