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How many times do you feel like a team meeting should occur?

At what interval should team meetings occur?
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๐Ÿงข Sales Management
Sales Manager
This 100% depends on the type of team meeting.ย 

For example, we do a sales team meeting every single morning before we kick off the day. Some may say it's a little excessive but we all like it and think it's a good idea. It takes 15 or 20 minutes. We review KPI's from the day before, do any product / sales training that needs to happen, and talk about deal in the pipe that are hopefully closing that day.
Notorious Answer
Padre de Tequila, General of the Coors Knights
We actually do the exact same. I enjoy it honestly. Quick 10-15 wher we recap the day before, discuss any updates, gameplan our target for the day, and move forward. We also do a quick 5 minute one around 1 where we recap the morning but that's not mandatory.
WR Officer
Senior Account Executive
Once a week would be fine. It's daily for me now. Overkill.ย 
Territory Rep
One a week via Teams (remote team members and COVID policy currently).ย 

Can sometimes take 3-6-even 12 months for our sales cycle so weekly is good for us to just keep everyone updates.ย 
WR Officer
up in Fiji, under paddy
Once a week ongoing, more than once is ok if there's relevant training/info to be shared.
Big Shot
Regional Sales Director
Weekly. While sharing about both issues and successes works wonders ๐Ÿ’ฏ
Digital Business Associate
It depends on where your team is at. As in, if there are constant changes, new people being brought in, etc then you probably need to have one at least once a week. I've said this in a few other post but it depends on how many you NEED to have to provide value for the team.
Sales Consultant
totally depends on the content and context but bi weekly should be enough to recap and stuff coming from the top down that we need to be made aware of, less is more
Account Executive
I'm a fan of the once a week monday morning meetings (back when i was covering SMB). We review any large deals in the pipeline for the team and discuss how the deal is progressing. It gives us a chance to have a group think session on strategy/etc...
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