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How often do you walk away from a deal?

I feel like most of the time as salespeople we are the ones being rejected.

I am trying to DQ more people and walk away to spend more time on real deals.

how often are you rejecting prospects?

How often are you walking away?
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Account Executive
As an SDR - too much
As an AE - too little
Switch those around when I'm desperate...
At least it feels that way to me
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SDR Manager
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SDR Manager
Take everything you can do demo so you can validate the value they heard before coming into the sales funnel.

That said, know when to pull the deal from the table if you can't get what you need to demo that value.
Account Executive
Real answer- not as much as I should.

That being said, it *is* on my active list to get better at.

I've gotten better through experience, many at bats and a healthy pipeline.

When you're young n green (not necessarily age) you tend to be more desperate for every deal. Also the case for not a healthy pipeline.

two actions I implemented which has helped me;

1. Stop slowly giving concessions. I would get slowly worked over through the deal cycle, discount on cost, then we'd have to make concessions in redlines on our MSA's, then someone wouldn't want to sign a multi-year deal and then they'd want a discount. Every ask was individual in nature so I'd make a quick yes to get to the next step, and then another ask, and then another. And then I've got no leverage and selling a crap deal. Done this enough to learn my lesson.

--> now; we know we're going to negotiate at some level. We present terms ect. and upfront make a list of their asks... we won't respond or consider till we have the holistic view of what they're looking for. Then we counter and work our way from there.

2. Walk away point. I care more about the total contract value then some of the smaller terms that don't impact my comp. Manger and I will talk about and set our walk away point on every deal. It really should be the same on most but in reality we are willing to go for every deal but once you have that point locked down Im not afraid to use it. We will politely give a BAFO (best and final) and walk away.
9 times out of 10- they come back and we get it done.

Good luck!

Account Manager
Walking away is so hard but so crucial. Move on to the one you're going to win. Don't waste your time or theirs.

I need to take my own advice, but on occasions I have walked away, the trust built with that customer has led to future conversations. So it's something I'm actively trying to improve upon!
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Senior Account Executive
I walk away from deals all the time now that I know when we have a below average chance of winning.Β  I still feel guilty every time I do it but It's so necessary.Β  Β If you lose too many deals that you weren't supposed to win, you forget what it feels like to win and that's a slippery slopeΒ 
Account Executive
Not nearly enough. If I were to interview tomorrow and they ask me what my weakness is, I'm saying that I get too attached to deals that have a low chance of coming in due to not being a good fit but I try to see the glass half full too often.
VP of Sales
Worth noting that it should NOT be considered a 'deal' if you'll walk away from it.


Only create deals for leads that "passed" the discovery/qualified phase.

If they aren't qualified enough to be a deal, then keep them as an SQL (otherwise, make them into a deal).

This will save you a headache later on if you have to walk away.

So... it all comes down to discovery. I imagine people walk away from deals because of pricing or lack of meeting price budgets - this is a question that needs to be asked in discovery.

Happy hunting.Β 
Account Executive
It's pretty rare that I would walk away from a deal, hard to do so when you go outbound on them and they're already qualified. However, you don't have a deal until you stripline and trial close. Disagree?Β 
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