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How relatable is your sales manager?

I have had a decent amount of sales managers but the ones that pretty much earned my respect are the ones that will openly disagree with a BS change in the way things are done.

You know the ones that actually care about your personal financial well being over drinking the company's juice.

One time my old manager hated the highers up so much he told me a story where he had a dream where he pointed a gun to his CEO's kids and told his direct manager that if he doesnt suck off the CEO till he cums his gonna shoot the kids. So the CEO would frantically tell my boss's boss to suck him off.

Obviously he was joking but man whenever there was changes for the worst it was easy for me to bring it up to him. With my current sales manager i really got to watch my wording when i disagree with whatever changes the higher ups have made. How are you guys with your managers?

Can you relate with your sales manager when things change for the worse?
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7 years with the same company from BDR to Senior Sales Manager - from cash flow negative to 200mil+ ARR.

He knows how to win and protects his team since he had to eat all the shit for us to be as successful as we are.Β 
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Middle management is a thankless job, your description really shows the tightrope people have to walk to both keep the bosses happy and be a part of their team.Β 

One of the hardest things to do effectively is to take a decision down from the higher ups that you fought against to your team and get them on board with it. If you go too rah-rah-rah they will know you're just drinking the koolaid, but if you shit on it too much they won't think it's important to listen to the bosses' decision. When they don't do what the bosses told you to make them do, the bosses aren't going to be mad at them, they are going to be mad at you.Β 

Wild! This is why it's so important to have everyone in leadership on the same page, and it's also really rare to see that happen.Β 
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My management chain is wildly incompetent. We actively try to avoid bringing them to customer facing meetings, and internally they actively block raises/promotions. I am looking for new roles lol.
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This reminds me of Samuel L Jackson in the hateful eight
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