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How to coach an underperforming colleague?

I'm having a great quarter, and the manager brought me in as an additional resource to help coach this new hire that is failing miserably.

Although I joined a few weeks before this person did, I ramped up faster. As I pass some trips and review how this person can improve, I realize that I must improve my coaching skills! This is a good exercise for deliberate practice as I plan to become a manager in the next few years.

Savages, how do you pass on to someone failing your tips and tricks?

How to coach an underperforming AE?

For context, this person was cocky stomping through the door, and I immediately noticed a sense of superiority and the "non-coachable factor". Of course, now that shit has hit the fan, behavior has changed, but I still notice a pattern of lack of ownership while blaming the onboarding, systems, or low-quality leads as defining factors to failure.

I like to receive transparent, direct feedback and wish to do the same here to shake things up (as in dude, wtf you can lose your job) while being helpful.

Is midnight here, and the rant is over.


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