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How to determine a candidate's cultural fit?

Any specific questions you are asking / steps you are adding to the interviewing process, to determine a candidates cultural fit?

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Teamwork. Sports or team activities they like. Team players technically work well with others and can fit a "culture" even if it is not the same age, etc.Β 
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Asking about hobbies and interests outside of work, what kind of management style they prefer, what kind of culture they prefer, noting their overall personality and communication style.Β 

"Testing" their fit. By this I mean if you're an office where people are always joking at around, dropping some humor in the interview to see how they respond. If you swear a lot in the office, drop a swear or two in the interview and see how they react. That kind of thing.Β 
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Ask them to pick something they are interested in, than explain it to you. Make sure they're genuine about it, and be slightly curious but also slightly frustrating by playing a bit of a fool in understanding the details.

Their patience and passion will be on display for you to judge.
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I guess it depends on how you define culture.Β  Seems like a lot of response are defining culture asΒ  "personality fit" -- which isn't actually what you should be focused on.Β  Β Its important to hire diverse personality sets in your company, if anything just to keep everyone on their toes.Β  Culture fit should be about how work - are they passionate about success? are they coachable? Are they accountable? are they real/human or a corporate buzzword robot?Β  Β this is where the focus should be.Β 
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