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How to get background music (and autotune) on a Zoom call

Prime offseason content incoming. Nobody asked for this, but every single person I've tried this out on during a call has loved it and deemed me more memorable, so....

How to Autotune yourself on Zoom, a mostly fool proof tutorial (that is not available on LI):


  1. Wired Mic. Your fancy headset is great, but the wireless connection carries a penalty in the form of sound latency. You don't wanna hear the echo (echo echo echo) during your calls, so get a wired headset or use a real studio mic.
  2. Somewhat modern computer. The tools needed in this exercise won't require top of the line gaming or multimedia systems, but a modicum of modernity will prevent lag and apps freezing up.
  3. Loopback or virtual mixer. Generally, this is virtual cables or OBS on Microsoft, and Loopback on Mac. You will need this to route system sound into Zoom or your video meeting client of choice.
  4. DAW (Digital audio station) with live monitoring function. For most, this is Garageband or a windows equivalent (Reaper is a freemium tool for windows that does this). If you already have Logic, Pro tools, Ableton, FL, etc, then the rest of this tutorial should be easy for you as well
  5. Internet browser with streaming site (like Youtube) or other DSP (spotify)


  1. Hook up all your hardware inputs and outputs.
  2. Configure your virtual mixer to input sound from your music source (youtube in a chrome tab for example, then set chrome as input).
  3. Queue up and play your music. Now, all that sound goes to your Loopback Audio sound output.
  4. Add your DAW to the input sources.

  1. Open up your DAW and add the effects you want for your voice.
  2. Antares Autotune is the official industry one
  3. Yes, it costs money
  4. Yes, there are free alternatives, but they aren't as good
  5. Look into Graillon 2, GSnap, WavesTune etc
  6. Adding new effects to your DAW is different for each software, consult Youtube
  7. Enable "live recording monitoring" so you can hear yourself back
  8. That same audio will be rerouted into your "Loopback" output