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How to restart the relation with existing customers?

Our company has made a change in its strategy unifying several business areas.

Until now I had contact on rare occasions with C level, mainly to demonstrate the value of our service and negotiate the contract when they wanted a discount, but little strategy, that is, my main point of contact are not usually DMยดs.

This year I have to reorient my relationship with all customers because with the new strategy of the company I do need to have those conversations with C Level but I see that it is going to cost me a lot to take the leap to get that interest.

Talent-oriented business and employee engagement are my target.

How would you recommend to open the conversation?

I can:

Help them find the best talent = Achieve their goals

Develop their employees = Reduce attrition and achieve their goals

Measure Employee Engagement = Reduce attrition and achieve their goals

All of this with an AI platform.

Thanks in advance savages!

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