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I don't give my sales staff daily call targets or KPIs. Should I?

Honestly I think I have the right way of thinking. No KPIs, no "you must make 120 calls a day" or anything of the sort.

My guys have a yearly revenue target they have to reach. If they get to those targets, they get large bonuses, trips etc..

A part of me still thinks that maybe we would grow far faster by having more aggressive KPIs. What's your opinion? Would you rather have specific short term targets and aggressive stats/KPIs, or a larger goal that you have to reach without managers breathing down your neck?

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Let them go free, if someone is consistently underperforming its time to set some short term goals and KPIs to get them back on track.Β 
Business Development Director
Completely agree, it’s also easy to remind your team about the long term goals during the short term in a motivating way as well.
Senior Director, Enterprise Technology
Agreed 100%.Β 
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It sounds like you’ve got a strong team that knows what they are doing.Β 

Save the KPI setting for under-performers or maybe new hires until they get the hang of things.Β 
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Short term KPIs are for PIPs. If you're team is hitting their long term goal and all all the metrics look good (e.g. 3-4x pipeline coverage) then let them do their thing.
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I have a team. I have personal goals, but I don't set goals for them. Lead by example and if you've hired good people they will follow.
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you should try the old "10 calls before 10am" competition atleast?
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Used to work for a company where we had forecast call every morning and you were crusified if you got it wrong. I learned forecasting but I felt like a number. It's great understanding what the targets are and where I need to be because clarity is kindness. I suppose just treat people as people while doing it
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KPI’s for the sake of having them will encourage people to make fake dials. If a rep is struggling then you evaluate where they excel and where they have work to do, then develop a plan for them. I hate the same KPI’s for everyone. Everyone is different.Β 
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KPIs can be tracked but don't make people beholden to them unless they're sucking.
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Absolutely not.Β  You will burn out your good reps and not allow them the space and time they need to grow large accounts and build long lasting client relationships.Β  I have spent 3.5 years at my current company and my growth from year 2-3 (amid a pandemic mind you) was well over 600%... In some organizations, specifically the ones with bullshit KPI's like dials, I would have been fired long before I hit my stride.Β  Now my clients are taking care of ME and in turn I am fucking crushing it.Β  Hope this helps.Β  If they have the attitude and they work hard who cares how many dials they make, let them grow with some autonomy and you're going to develop a really strong sales team in 5 years.Β 
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Just got promoted to team lead and my manager is asking me to motivate the team to hit their KPI's. Any tips on this since no one likes the KPI chat, including me.