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"I just got called into an urgent meeting, can we reschedule?"

Hi WR! First time poster, 60-ish day lurker here.

For context, I am 90 days into my first AE role after spending a year as an SDR. This is my first B2B gig (mid-market) after spending the previous decade in transactional consumer sales with a 1-2 call sales cycle (not including the SDR year).

I've had a couple of these this week. I'll grant you it's better than being ghosted, but it's still pretty irritating when you get a calendar decline 10 mins before your disco call due to "a pop up meeting I have to attend" or "a big project that requires my attention". I'm not unsympathetic, shit does happen, but it starts feeling a little weird when you get 2 or 3 of these in a row.

I guess my question for you seasoned B2B folks is what is your reaction when this happens to you?

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How do you all handle a situation where a prospect has a contract approved and is ready for signature, but one of their family members just passed away? Want to be extremely sensitive to the situation...feel there's never a "right" time to reach out and never want to be salesy...
When the set prospect whose meeting has been planned and booked by SDR does not join on time and expects the same 1 hour, would you or won't you lend?
Triumphant moment: when a prospect calls back after months saying "you were right, I will send the PO today"