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I love my job- should I stop talking to recruiters?

I'm at a growing company pre-IPO. I love my work, get paid well, and do not want to jump ship. However, a lot of my peers have gotten promoted or left for new jobs- typical of a booming tech company.

I've been given the advice to "always keep your ear to the ground for new opportunities."

I'm averaging two recruiter calls a month right now, but have not found a company I like more or a significant salary bump elsewhere- though I have met cool companies to keep tabs on.

Should I shut down the recruiter conversations since I'm not chomping at the bit for something new? Or should I keep an open mind?

Also, am I damaging future career prospects by taking recruiter calls and not advancing to an interview? I know how it feels to get the classic "not a good time" objection; I don't want recruiters to feel like I'm wasting their time.

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imo, it never hurts to entertain a short chat with a recruiter about a new opportunity, even if you're not motivated to change jobs. Other than 15-20 minutes of time, you really don't have anything to lose.

Recruiters won't be offended if you don't end up taking an interview as long as you're upfront about it. Basically, don't accept an interview and then bail last minute, or attend interviews for "practice" as I've seen suggested to people before. Recruiters are salespeople also, respect their time the same way you'd want prospects to respect yours.
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I like to keep my options open and know what job buckets i fall into for head hunters so I entertain the conversations.
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I never turn down a conversation - and it’s always fun when the recruiter asks why I am looking to leave my current company....I’m not. You called me....
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You received good advice. Taking those calls and going through early steps of interviews keeps you sharp, forces you to continuously update your resume, but most importantly gives you a real world sense of your financial worth/employability which you can use at your current gig as leverage or as a litmus to know when to go. Just be careful to not get the prospective company too invested in you as a candidate, as the sales world is much smaller then you may think.
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There's nothing wrong with learning more about the opportunity. You don't know what may come out of it. And I can certainly relate, as I've had several companies reach out to me since early this year.
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Be fearless. You're NEVER "bothering" someone. You're asking them to do their job.