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**AMA NOW CLOSED** I'm Scotiabank's Deputy CISO. Ask Me Anything...

Hey War Room!

Rob Knoblauch here. I’m the Deputy CISO and VP of Global Security Systems at Scotiabank. Bravado has asked me to step into the lion's den for their first ever AMA series, so here it goes…

Ask me anything NOW until Tuesday at 10am Eastern. I’ll tune in throughout to answer your burning questions.

🎈 Mentorship
👑 Sales Strategy
🔐 Cybersecurity
Deal Story
signandrecline closed a deal for $25k to the Product Development, CTO departments
About 6 weeks sales cycle. I went through the Aspireship AE course, and made sure we had the guy from below the line (Product Manager) and above the line (CTO) on the calls to cover pain points for bot...
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Deal Story
SADNES5 closed a deal for $1.8M to the CEO, Executive Leadership departments
So, TWO ENTIRE YEARS IN THE MAKING, we had a very messy agreement with a current long term customer, looking for some new options. They are providing heaps of local economic recovery during the pandemi...
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You negotiated till No Regret Price with Finance dept and he moved forward the quote to Purchase dept. Now purchase team asking for more discount else not processing forward ? How to tackle this ?