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I’m terrible at setting a next step post demo, advice?

I find I’m quite good at demoing but I find I am never positive of what’s the best next step after the demo. Often they’re going to be looking at other vendors as well so I finish the demo saying how ill be packaging information together for them like a recording, extra info they asked about etc.

It seems like people aren’t yet ready for another step with you as they still want to discuss with other vendors first so it sort of feels like I enter this void of follow ups and unknowns.

I’ve also tried asking people straight up when they think it would be good to follow up again I.e 2 weeks. This strategy has really made me lose momentum in deals. It’s like they loved me and then the info from the demo sort of fades then they love this other solution more and it’s like I gave them too much time.

Whats your go to next step post demo to keep momentum going in a deal?

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Ask them their buying plan. When do they plan on on boarding a technology. Should additional meetings be set with other stakeholders? Get them any legal paperwork after the demo to start that process as well. 
+1. Leave them with a CTA at the end of demo itself
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If you and team here feels additional meeting(s) with other stakeholders need to be done, please let me know dates to block your calendars
Furthermore, would you like to let me know on buying process and where are we at present?

Either of these may help
I suggest making you that you have control over the process.

You have follow up with an email regarding mutual action plan meeting that way in that the scope of this discussion is to understand and highlight your delivery timeline as well as understand what is available in their timeline. In an indirect way you are basically aligning your schedule for going live so you are making them commit to you. 
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Be prescriptive.  

Most buyers don't know how to actually "buy" or how purchasing process works at their company--this helps to walk through before a demo and at the end of a discovery call as well.  Say something like "so our process usually works like this - we get the stakeholders into a demo call together, make sure we understand your needs and timeline, and from there will put a plan together to execute if you decide we are the right solution for you.  Does that work?" - then you have mutual buy in for what you're going to do next.  Absent anything else, I'd ask them what the next steps are/who else needs to weigh in on the decision so that you can continue to educate and bring in the appropriate parties.
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Coach then through the process. I use talk tracks like "typically the next step in the process is X", "Most companies will want to dive into X (feature, pricing, strategy) next, what does your schedule look like tomorrow", be assumptive -- let them tell you know so you can uncover the real objection for moving forward. Don't let the off the phone/zoom until a follow up meeting has been set. 
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If they say their considering other vendors say "I'll give you a week to look at other technologies and time to do your due diligence and then I'll follow up via a phone call to see if you guys want to move forward with our product"
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