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If you didn't go to college, How are you better off than the guy who did (or girl. I'm not being sexist here bois)

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Can you clarify what youโ€™re asking here?
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From a career perspective, Spending 4-5 years and money on college vs using those years to gain experience earning min. wage or something.

And saving money / investing for long run somewhere.
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Earned an associates degree from community college. Left withย  almost zero debt. Have held half a dozen sales jobs, Everything from selling windows in home to complex SaaS solutions. I have been turned down for exactly 1 job because of not having a Bachelors degree.ย 

The absents of debt has allowed me to travel in my personal life and take risks in my professional life that i would not have been able to do if I was in debt.ย 

Debt is for chumps.ย  College is over rated.ย 
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However, spelling isn't. Which good colleges help with. The vast majority of our jobs is done via written communication, so you need to be sharp when writing emails to C-levels if you want to be taken seriously. This is coming from someone who is not even a native speaker, and the college system helped me a lot.ย 
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I have a degree and honestly wish I didnโ€™t go. I never use it(degree in math) itโ€™s pretty easy to calculate commission. And I envy those that donโ€™t have student debt. But to each their own
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I don't have one. I started in sales years before someone in school could. I had zero debt.ย 

Sometimes I wish I had, for the fun of it. I feel like I missed out on 4 years of being a kid. But thats about all I missed out on.
Iโ€™m happy I had the chance to get a degree. But the downside is mostly opportunity costs: time and debt.ย 

I live in the EU so I have no real debt because I went to college. I indeed lost time I could have gotten a job right after high school. But being able to be young and stupid was totally worth losing those years.ย 
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I have some college credits, all paid for by a prior company, no debt, no degree. Honestly in sales, not having a degree has only ever been a potential problem in my own head. I sell K-12 SaaS to Superintendents and Program Directors with Doctorates all the time. Not only do I not have a degree, I also have no experience as an educator. I donโ€™t want to discourage anyone from college, but in my line of work it has NEVER come up or become a problem. These prospects and clients dont give a shit about someone telling them they are a former teacher/principal and they definitely dont give a shit about your degree. Youโ€™re still the sales rep to them regardless (and thatโ€™s totally fine)
What was your first sales role that made you realize you were born to do this? Mine was girl scouts and moving way more cookies than the rest of my fellow brownies
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