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Interesting discussion with my team regarding commission payments...idea!

We were chatting about how we pay our reps commission, and an interesting concept came up:

Would you be for or against being paid commission via a pre-paid-style debit card?

Traditionally, the commission payout is paid as a combo with your standard paycheck (yes, some companies make them two separate checks paid on the same day due to payroll and tax reporting purposes). For some reps, this makes splitting their commission from their standard paycheck that they use to pay the bills difficult...but what if that never had to happen and the money was instead routed directly to a "Closers Card" or something of that sort?

Features could include electing what portion of your check is on that card and what portion goes into your personal bank account. I would have personally loved that because then my commission dollars would be my free and clear money to spend...and I could stop my wife from prompting me to consider "we" gifts. (Edit: this part is a joke...we have our shared account and our personal accounts and we don't ask each other what we spend our personal money on)

Would you be down for that? Is it overly complicating a non-pain point? Thoughts?

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