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Interviewing and trying to explain 1 bad year aka COVID

Pretty self explanatory. I was promoted to a specialized role right as the pandemic exploded (around July 2020) and only did so-so quota wise. Our fiscal calendar does not follow the usual Jan-Dec. Would have made quota if it wasn't for negative audits I received because of clients I sold to either closing down during the pandemic or laying off people (I work small and mid-market).

Start of this new fiscal I'm still not at plan, but have plenty of time to make it up. However I realized there is more money to be made elsewhere and started interviewing.

Hiring manager wants me to explain my performance in the last year or so since it's obvious I made P-club every year before that. How do I answer his question without blaming it all on Covid?

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How many months per year should an AE be allowed to miss his/her quota without losing the job?
Months quota missed :
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With the Eagles looking terrible the past two weeks should I just assume the Phillies will choke their playoff chances away?
I was hired at a really good start up about 4 months ago for a SDR role that I was told I wouldnโ€™t be in for very long. Theyโ€™re gonna go public in the next year, but Zoom Info reached out to me about an Account exec position. Now Iโ€™m wondering if I should take the guaranteed route to AE or let my shares vest and get to AE at the place that took me. Usually I wouldnโ€™t consider jumping so quickly, but AE is AE.
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