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Is anyone using Video messaging to schedule meetings?

Is anyone creating personal videos as touch point to prospects in between phone calls and emails?

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WR Lieutenant
I sell to sales people, and it works well.Β 

I think it depends on what you talk about in your video.Β 

I use it as a touch when I've failed to get someone's attention. Something that's falling on my sword, and essentially saying like "hey, I might've missed the mark on this, so giving it another shot here..."

And then a format that's like:

- Intro
- Observation of Inciting Incident
- Why that's relevant to how my software helps people in similar situations
- Call to action

I've also used video for
-objection handling
-reengaging closed lost ops
-throughout the sales cycle to demonstrate pieces of productΒ 
-to multithread
-probably other things, too, I just can't think of them
Account Executive
Awesome advice..thanks
WR Officer
Master of Disaster
Yep. I do a vid every two weeks or so, and blast it to prospects which the content is relevant for.

It may not hit the first time, but it definitely works eventually.

also a talking point when you get them on the phone. Ask them if they saw it, what resonated , what they didn’t like, suggestions as to what they actually want to see (helloooooooo pain points for free).Β 

you need a cover image that pops, or they won’t watch it. Think clickbait.
Account Executive
Depends on your audience. I sell to sales people and it hasn't worked that well in the past. I do however use loom to record videos for get deals moving though, that works.
Senior Account Executive
My wife has done that with varying degrees of success. I think that for some people it will come off as a strange tactic, but she's also told me the video has been the catalyst for them to set up a demo and eventually sign up. I guess what I'm saying is tread carefully!
Account Executive
My audience is mostly HR or Finance Professionals. Where I work is strongly encouraging us to use Video as part of the sales process. If I start using it I think it'll be to get a prospects attention after multiple calls and emails. Thanks
Account Executive
Yeah. I live inside Vidyard. Often find myself just sending a video in place of a written email
WR Lieutenant
Account Executive
Absolutely and it works but I reserve it for prospects that I can find a nice hook for
Client Director
I've heard it works but to me it just seems so cringeworthy.... however, its not as bad as incentivizing people to take a meeting with you with things like giftcards....that's as slimy as it gets.
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