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Is equity worth caring about?

All these startups talk about equity all the time but how much have you ever cashed out from by selling shares of a startup you worked for?

Does equity really matter?
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Yes BUT you shouldn't take a job only for equity unless you're suuuuper interested and it's a passion workplace for you. Equity in most cases will be worthless so you need to be good with what you're getting for normal compensation if it all goes to shit.
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Equity is the gravy, not the meal. I've been through two exits and made money off both, but for context I made more of a moderate sized deal than I did off exits. The only route to real wealth off equity is to be the FIRST salesperson, which comes with its own risk.
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Yes and no. Options are a funny beast because when you join, you plan to stay until there is a liquidation. The moment you don't see an immediate path to liquidation, combined with a better offer, you decide to jump ship. However, the company extends you the option to purchase your vested options for 90 days (in most cases). That offer means nothing if you can't afford to purchase the vested pool, and most companies I've worked for don't let you take partials.

Equity in the form of fully-vested, early-stage equity (usually in place of full or any pay) is something worth negotiating and caring deeply about. No matter what, that's your chunk of the company, even if you leave you get paid if there is a liquidation event.

Personally, I've stopped caring about equity and have focused on negotiating a higher base/OTE. I want some equity, sure, but it's no longer my main focus.
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If you're an SDR or AE, 99% of the time it's not going to turn into anything substantial. It's not really a perk worth caring about unless you're insanely early on or super high up
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That component should be out of sight out of mind. Similar to just spending your base and stashing away your commissions. I had the pleasure of experiencing an IPO to Chapter 11 Bankruptcy in 14 months. Think about that. That's legitimately hard to pull off.
It s a nice extra. But don t put all your eggs in one basket. Don’t tie your finances to the company that also employs you
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Equity paying out!
How much have you made from your company equity grants?
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How much equity to ask for?