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Is Salesloft going to get me fired?

long story short my AE and I usually do our meetings with prospects on Google meets. for some reason a prospect wanted to do it on zoom so we obliged not thinking anything of it.

anyway we do the meeting, went ok, and the prospect left the meeting leaving myself and the AE.

we started chatting shit not realising that Salesloft was recording the whole thing. at first it was innocent stuff like "will smith is a member of Scientology and him slapping chris rock was some occult thing" etc etc. then long story short we started doing impressions of the senior enterprise AE, and the Sales Director (my boss). it was pretty funny but the snake impressions might have gone a bit too far (literally hissing at each other on zoom)

anyway the issue is we clocked at the end that it was being recorded and would be uploaded to Salesloft. 

I have two questions:

1. how fucked am I? (if fucked please help give me ideas to wriggle out of it like the snake sdr I am)

2. has this ever happened to you before?
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