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Is this sexist

Female SDR here.

Is it normal for SDRs to be tasked with the pain in the ass effort of coordinating the Account Exec's second meeting with their prospects?

A few Account Execs will ask me to organize their second meeting with a prospect. One even asked me to coordinate lunch with one of our VPs and a prospect for a deal in progress because I "had better rapport with him."

My male counterpart has never been asked to do this and it's happened to me 3x over the past 2 weeks.

I'm also spread between 6 AEs at the moment after 3 rounds of head-chopping which makes it really annoying when they're needy.

Feels either sexist or like I'm being used as a piece of bait. I'm not a secretary nor do I get paid for that second meeting but it does contribute to my pipeline if the deal progresses - is this normal?

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