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kbites closed a deal for $61.7k to the DevOps department

Whoever says inbound leads are easy to close?

This deal took me 6 months. The prospect came in via inbound lead in Q4 2020. After some initial chat, discussion and demo, and an opportunity opened, they went dark, opportunity closed.

This deal required consistency over emails and phonecalls, before I was able to set-up another meeting with the Decision Maker in Q1 2021. Another opportunity opened and moved them to a trial, but got blocked by the power-users this time as they did not see enough value during the trial. Opportunity closed.

Took another two months before they came back again, this time with a compelling event and a proper timeline. New opportunity opened. Deal accelerated, took 2 weeks of procurement, and finally the contract is signed.

Overall, 5-6 months of constant contact, and the never-say-die attitude.

Deal Story
harebrained closed a deal for $43k to the InfoSec department
The best part about this pretty standard/mid-sized deaI: I was at Red Rocks at 7:30pm on June 30 and got the PO right as my edible kicked in. I was super happy about my little surprise while I danced t...
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Deal Story
aintafraidofnoghost closed a deal for $22.1k to the Fleet department
I’ve worked this deal on-and-off for about a year-and-a-half and it finally closed today on a golf course, virtually (nod to the question yesterday about closing deals on the golf course). I’ve β€œdroppe...
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