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kodakmoment15 closed Veritas Technologies for $32k to the Marketing department

This deal was very chaotic and took a lot of back & forth with our partnership companies. It also involved dealing with a procurement team that sat in India and had a language barrier when communicating with us. Not only was this a challenge for us, but also our buyer who escalated our contract to her CMO and Head of Procurement. After a speedy legal call, we were finally able to finalize terms across the board and get the deal signed accordingly.

Deal Story
kodakmoment15 closed Pegasystems for $51k to the Marketing department
This deal was something I had self-sourced over LinkedIn by first DMing my buyer's boss. She then introduced me to him and he was very upfront about being unhappy with their existing vendor. I kept lea...
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Deal Story
Stardust closed a deal for $15k to the product marketing department
This deal started with the customer posting on a Slack channel that they were looking for some specific information. After a couple of video calls and sending a detailed approach, the customer went si...
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Deal Story
Tomahawk closed a deal for $152k to the Marketing, Product Development departments
This deal had a long trajectory that began in Q4 2020 with a cold prospect into a subsidiary of the larger group. A need was discovered and the conversations progressed with new stakeholders being pull...
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