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Levchin joining the sales rip bandwagon

TBH - this is pretty tame and, frankly, gotta at least get homeboyโ€™s name right.

Still, well known business people like Max continue to rip (in varying degrees) on sales people. Seems like they are highlighting bigger problems.

Thoughts on how this evolves? At this point Iโ€™m stumped.

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I think the LI call outs are dumb, and really a exercise is massive ego - that being said for the most part I think the blame is put on the wrong crew.ย  ย The SDR's and Sellers are really just doing what they are told to do, and the onus falls on what I believe to be the plague of the selling community - and that's shitty sales leadership.ย  ย Too many sales leaders are becoming too reliant on their "Tech stack" to drive results.ย  ย SDR's are being fed to the wolves with shitty "sequences" that are driving record numbers of "unsubscribes" from prospects who are just so tired of seeing the same "Time for a chat, (name"?) fake automation emails.ย  ย The sales acceleration players then boast about their "open and reply rates" without taking into account how many of said replies are SDR's getting told to piss off.ย  Leadership is missing the lost art of coaching, teaching the next generation the craft of combining actual personalization with enough scale to crush your numbers.ย  How to build repeatable, strong discovery call processes and proposal follow up strategies that help you stand out from the noise and get the Yes/No you need to be most successful.ย  ย The reason sales shaming sucks SO BAD is because 99% of the time the shame should sit with the leadership who is failing their team.ย  #rantover
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LOL i have some of these shitty sequences in place and am trying to replace them now for our SDRs. Sad how commonplace automation/sequencing and poor content are one and the same. To your point... management doesnt think this is wrong and the SDRs are unhappy but on they trek. Good post LordBusiness.ย 
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A lot of us use automation to send out emails. Outreach, sales loft, outplay, what have you. Sometimes we get some shit mixed up on the list weโ€™re feeding into these.ย 

In a world where I see few people appreciating sales reps for good work, thereโ€™s at least 5 times more folks ripping on us.ย 

At this point, Iโ€™m just glad he didnโ€™t name the sales person.ย 
I loved the comments low-key lol
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I think these call outs are poor and also a bit of a trend atm, but itโ€™s just part of life.ย 

If you nail it and they speak to you, nobody will ever hear about it.ย 

I get terrible messages almost everyday and I never call anyone out.ย 
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I mean...heโ€™s not wrong. Gotta check that name! Problem is, a lot of those things are auto sent from Marketing or something.ย 

At this point I think itโ€™s just kinda part of the game as a sales person. Youโ€™re gonna get shit on no matter what you do haha

At least he didnโ€™t dox the guy/girl.ย 
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Yep, the person who "sent" that probably doesn't know that email exists.
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Why wouldn't you double check all contact information entered in your crm is correct?ย 
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Do you have an alter (sales) ego?๐Ÿ‘ธ๐Ÿป