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LinkedIn job history - can you believe it or not?

I see tons of people who "started" their career as VP's of sales or Enterprise AE's. Please explain to me how? Or are they too prideful to claim they were an SDR? Most of these people run SDR podcasts but claim to have started as an Enterprise Sales Rep turned VP. This whole sales world is getting fake as fuck

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Most people only show the most recent title at the company, rather than having 2-3 roles show up to keep their profile clean. I know quite a few people that do that, everybody knows they did not start as a VP. That is pretty common IMO.Β 
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No no no, i'm saying people claim to have started their careers as an Enterprise AE or VP of Sales or Director of sales. I get the point of cleaning up your profile with promotion within companies youve worked at. But to make it seem like your first job out of college was a "vp of sales" is bogus. And most of the people that claim that are now "influencers" gaining a following off the hard working peoples ideas and just claiming it as their own because they failed to actually become a successful sales rep
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Can you send me an example? Not sure how that’s different than what I said, unless you mean they are posting fraudulent titles they never actually had. Nobody actually believes people start at that level.
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It could be to filter out people reaching out to them for jobs or other things that are no longer relevant to them. Recruiters in particular see one word that fits their search parameters and next thing you know they are offering an Enterprise Account Executive a job as a SDR.Β 
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My first job out of college (5 jobs ago) was in a call center. I still get call center offers from recruiters.Β 
It depends, maybe some people put in their latest job title and that's it. I don't overthink the rest.
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I'm a little of an odd bird since I went from being a pharma rep to changing direction to an AE. That's how I bypassed it. πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ
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LinkedIn is a circle jerk of fake positivity. Every story is a variant of "x struggled with y, but showed appreciation for their boss and now he's in the c-suite" #grit #inspo #corporate. It makes me cringe everytime I see this stuff on LinkedIn. If I didn't have to prospect on LinkedIn and prep for calls, I wouldn't ever be on LinkedIn. It's essentially Instagram for c-suite "Influencers" now.Β 
It could be the most recent title that had at that company. Or they do not go all the way back with their career history.Β 
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