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LinkedIn mail

Had very little success in this department.

How do you guys utilise LinkedIn mail effectively????
does it work to book meetings
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I still mostly work with connection requests that contain a little note.

Probably a lot depends on the market youยดre in.
Director of Sales
I haven't had a huge amount of success with them, even when hyper-personalising them.
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Just looking at myself: I don't respond to them, ever... I'd rather connect with someone who is engaging with my contentย 
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Indeed with @GDO. I think it depends on the market you're in. I'm working with digitalย advertising, sales. And lots of my meetings comes from LinkedIn, where i just message the peps ๐Ÿ˜Š

But again, it really depends on the market.ย ย 
I havenโ€™t had success with inmails, it seems like for some people inmail = โ€œstranger dangerโ€ lol but Iโ€™ve booked a lot of meetings after people connect with me and then I message them.
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I use LI Messages as an additional prospecting tool to build awareness, attention, and drive them to my profile where they'll ultimately see my company and start to piece together what we are able to offer and why we align.

That said, I have very rarely asked for a meeting via LI Messages without previously calling, emailing, or texting. That said; there are a handful of instances where I have reached out via LI and had success.

I had been prospecting a President / CEO for about four months. I hadn't been able to get him committed to a meeting but had uncovered he had an initiative to review his SaaS platforms that my organization directly provided.

I shot him an LI message that was very direct in my ask:
- This is what I've learned over the past four months
- Here is what my team and I are successfully doing with others
- How we know what we're doing works
- My Ask - what i want in response to this message

I left it with an action item - "I'll call your office tomorrow morning and hopefully 'Jenny' can get us connected before you head into your first meeting. I look forward to finding scheduling some dedicated time to meet."


Meeting was booked with his secretary Jenny before I had to call the next day. He gave me his cell phone number to call him directly and put me in contact with his personal consultant who was running the project for him and advised me to have them work with me to start building their vision on our platform.
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Great story, thanks for sharing. Sounds like hitting up via multiple touch points before LI worked on this occasion for you.
Business Development Rep
I would say if youโ€™ve had little success - donโ€™t continue down the path. Utilize the channels that do work best. Or, find out where your ICPs hang out and see if you can get some traction there.
No success really. I have gotten a few meetings from LinkedIn messaging, however not enough to say it works that great....still you have to utilize the method bc it is another touch point to reach your prospects and help them grow an awareness of your brand and the services provided. Overall tho, email has taken the cake when it comes to written communications.
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Are you talking about Inmail? If so I wasn't successful with it when I had LSN. I do use connection requests with a personalized note.ย 
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Had a lot of success on second/follow up messages
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Works just like anything else - if you have strategy and persistence. There are no silver bullets.ย 
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Do you book meetings through LinkedIn Messenger as an SDR?
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