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Linkedin Sales Navigator - Is it worth it?

I, like most sales people always want to stay at the top of my game or at least find new ways to target people. My company does not pay for Sales Navigator and was considering purchasing it on my own. Is this a worthy investment or just a waste of time/money?

Let me know your experieces both good and bad with the tool.

Thank you

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I like it, but my company pays for it.Β  Great way to track leads' activity, not to mention you can set your settings to view profiles anonymously separate from your regular LI profile.Β  So you can stalk people on navigator when you don't want them getting notified every time.
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Yeah, I agree. I paid like $70 a month for it myself because I liked it so much after giving the free trial a shot.
I would recommend asking a manager or something for it to be expensed.

I would try the free trial. Or even purchase it one month and really use the tool by saving leads, creating prospecting lists, and InMailing those prospects. If you set meetings from it and earn commission making more than what you pay for it, I think it's worth it!
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tbh if a company isn't investing in tools like SalesNav, ZoomInfo, Outreach etc. to help me succeed then I don't wanna be thereΒ 
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The most useful aspect of Sales Nav for me is to be able to add another layer of verification to a target contact’s job title, specifically.

Seems like most people are better at keeping their job titles up to date than Zoominfo, as you might expect.

I find Zoominfo to be a much more valuable prospecting tool.
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