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Looking for advice on our interview process for SDRs

We recently defined out full interview process for SDRs. Trying to keep it simple, while still being able to evaluate all applicants.

1: Interview with SDR Manager

2: Interview with VP Sales

3: Email exercise: we give them a company and a contact, and they send an email to us trying to book a meeting

4: Role Play - we give them a script beforehand and get them to do a live role play of one or two questions, give feedback, try again and see if they take the feedback

5: References

Typically takes around 2-3 weeks.

I'm looking for advice from both people that have hired and interviewed. Is there parts that you like, don't like?

Any suggestions for improvement?

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WR Officer
up in Fiji, under paddy
Not a bad process. Out of respect for the candidate's time I recommend combining the SDR manager/VP sales interviews into one slot where both hiring managers are present. I'd also look at combining the email exercise and roleplay into one day. A candidate shouldn't have to come into the office more than twice for an interview for an entry level position.ย 

Also, if you want top talent work as quickly as possible. If you can get both interviews done in a week, do it. When you know you want to move someone forward, get them in as quickly as possible. Time kills deals.
SDR Manager
Thanks for this!

We have the email/role play basically the same step, we give the instructions for the email and give the script/book the role play at the same time.ย 

We had the Manager/VP interview separate based on something our VP read from the sales acceleration formula, but I like the idea of combining them.ย 

Our company is completely remote so everything is done over Zoom, does that affect the coming in to the office more than twice?
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up in Fiji, under paddy
I don't think having it on Zoom makes a difference. You still need to be at home, in professional attire and not doing anything else at that time. Every time you schedule an interview during the work day, it's time a candidate has to take off from their current job (sometimes using PTO or sick days.) Even if they're unemployed, people still have other stuff going on like taking care of kids/errands/other interviews.ย 
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Fairly typical, but taking 2-3 weeks is too long. Every company is hiring SDRs right now. How are you going to stand out and make SDRs want to work there?
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Approach and process - perfect
Timeframe, could be reduced, IMO
Looking for some good advice. Interview this week for a startup.
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