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Marketing ties our shoes for us too

So I work at an org where Marketing writes all of the cadences and emails we have to send out. I'm struggling to understand if I'm being ungrateful they are doing so much for our team, but I feel like I'm in less control of my own success this way. If I don't use their templates, it looks like I have incomplete steps in my cadences despite any emails being logged any way.

Has anyone seen success with this model? Do you generally find more success when you can write your own copy? Is there something in the middle that works well?

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To give context I'm the first SDR at my company.Β 

Before I joined, all our cadences were written by marketing, and our AE would essentially send. these pre-written emails, there wasn't a lot of real prospecting going on.Β 

The first thing I did was get rid of those sequences. In my experience, marketing teams typically don't have a lot of sales experience, so their emails aren't very good for SDR teams.Β 

The team "strongly advised" I follow the formula, but I went rogue and just let the results speak for themselves.Β 

If your messaging is going to bring in more qualified opportunities, then your manager probably won't complain.Β 

My problem with marketing writing emails, is well, they look like marketing emails, and typically the CTAs are flaming garbage.Β 

If you're able to, I'd give it a shot to write your own emails, and live with the outcome. If you end up booking more, then it's a win
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I write my own. Marketing emails tend to sound too automated. I always have better luck writing my own. I tend to have a 50% or higher open rate.Β 
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Yes. That's right. Marketing emails sound very much automated. Better to personalize and do it from our own self!
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Man, I'd hate that. I think it's super important for salespeople to be able to write their own scripts and copy. When you think of it, in your own words you're absolutely going to be more confident using it and it's going to come off as way more genuine.

I don't think I could work at a place that mandated that marketing of all people create all scripts/copy.Β 
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I've had success collaborating with my SDMs on an email cadence that the SDM took charge of, but all the SDMs at my company have cold-called and crushed it which is why they are SDMs at my company. Would not be as happy if marketing was writing my cadence emails.
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