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πŸ§˜β€β™€οΈMeditation video & top tips for WFH

Thanks to everyone who attended our meditation session last week! Virtual yoga coming in hot this Friday, hope to see you there.Β Continuing on with our Mental Health Awareness Month series, read on, my friend.

When our lives get busy (i.e. literally always), it can be difficult to find the time to pause and reset. But did you know that just 5-10 minutes of meditation can make your brain work harder, better, faster, stronger throughout your whole day of long calls, tedious tasks, and stressful deals?

So I challenge you to find the time – again, just 5-10 mins – and see how much better the rest of your workday is. You'll thank me later. Or you can skip it and update those notes in Salesforce because that sounds fun too...

If you’re up for the challenge, try out this 7 minute meditation - Finding Calm Amidst Chaos.

If brain rejuvenation ain’t enough and you need to get the rest of your body involved, try out this quick and easy 15-min stretch break at your desk.

If watching Youtube videos is a no-can-do for you right now, here are my top tips for staying centered while WFH:

  1. Take a 15 minute walk outside every day. If a dog needs to be walked everyday, so do you. The fresh air and break from the desk will help clear your mind.
  2. Create boundaries. Keep your bedroom (or bed if you don’t have that type of space...#SanFrancisco) a sleep-only zone, despite how cozy WFB (working from bed) on Friday mornings is. Close your laptop after work hours and turn off early morning/late night notifications to keep your morning and bedtime routines notification and email-free.
  3. Limit your screen time. Besides having a separate physical space for work, setting limits on your screen time works wonders. Don’t have the self-control to do it yourself? Good thing smart phones already have a tool in settings for exactly that.
  4. Set your own routine. It’s easy to roll out of bed and throw on a nice shirt 10-mins before your first meeting. Don’t. Your mind will feel rushed and stressed. Plus, no commute means time to create your own morning routine – meditation, exercise, reading, making breakfast...whatever floats your boat. Make sure you keep this as work-free as possible! By the time you start work, you’ll feel more awake and ready to tackle your day.
  5. Have a comfortable (and ergonomic) work setup. If your company has a WFH stipend, use it to get yourself a good chair with lumbar support, a laptop stand to keep your screen at eye level (goodbye neck strain!), or even a standing desk (I highly recommend!). Nothing is worse than having to work through getting carpal tunnel, lower back pain, and a strained neck.

Stay centered, my friend.

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