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MontBlanc closed Hardware Company for $109.8k to the General Management department

Closed the scope of work that came out of the smaller website assessment engagement I posted about a month ago. This one felt good because I had not been able to close follow on work from site assessments on my previous two attempts. I broke out the sharing assessment results and going over scope of work to fix issues pieces into two calls instead of one which I think made the information a bit more digestible.

There was moment during the final call where a miscommunication almost derailed the deal but we got back on track pretty quickly. Also, my company got acquired last week so it's been great to get a quick win and make a strong first impression to my new leadership team.

Deal Story
desperado closed a multinational CPG corporation for $12k to the ventures department
Originally prospecting this company in April, got a ton of meetings, but couldn't get an introduction or cold meeting with the right team. Had a blocker on this deal for 3 months who sat in another de...
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Deal Story
MontBlanc closed Hardware Dealer for $6.8k to the General Management department
Clearly inspired by Corp's Bluebird deal video I had one come in this week on Monday evening and close on Thursday. My average sales cycle takes a little over 60 days so this was a true gift. I sell w...
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Deal Story
Upper_Class_SaaS closed A Quantum Computing Company for $80k to the IT department
This was a toughie where we had multiple back and fourths via legal about the t's and c's and pricing negotiations. Luckily we have a mutual board member so they got a steep discount that help get the ...
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