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More Money? or More Equity?

Hi All. I'm a mess right now trying to make a decision and would like the war room's advice.

I'm leaving my current company. 100% - time to go. I have a lot of options, but right now there are 2 offers on the table.

1) 120/120. .05% ownership. 8.7m revenue company, series B (series C coming early 2022), trending towards 15M revenue 2021. 50 person company. I'd be an individual contributor. The tech is something I already grasp and know I'd be successful selling.

2) 140/140. Small company (11m 2020, 30-40m 2021, goals projected at 80m 2022) Company was acquired not too long about by a 8B market cap company. Equity would be a grant of the parent's company stock. The tech is still a step away from me, but the value prop is not.

X Factor:

Company 1: Local to where I live though I'd be remote. Had an old colleague and CEO (who I like/respect) reach out to me promoting the leadership group. Also, I'm not an overly technical seller, and this is a less technical sale than #2

Company 2: More $$. Rocketship of a tech. Although I'm likely a bit underinformed when it comes to the space specifically, I can see spending 2 years here and absorbing the information as a basis for the next 15 years of my career. Also, I have a friend on the inside who started 3 months back who says it's everything it's cracked up to be.

I have til 10/6 to give an answer. Would love to get some additional insight from the war room.

Update: I ended up choosing company 1. Negotiated up to 125/125 with .075% equity. The desire to not have to travel 2-3 times a q just to meet up with my company for internal stuff (I have 2 young kids) made me choose the local company. And hell, if we hit unicorn I'll have $750k in equity.

Money v Equity
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