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Move from IC to SDR Management

Like many companies, mine works of a level system for Sales (1-6) but also pairs that with a company level which funnily enough does not align with the sales levels. For example L4 AE only makes you a company L3.

The issue I have is going into sales development management. They won’t let us even interview if we aren’t L4 and I’m feeling pretty trapped as companies don’t really want to hire you with no management experience.

Any advice on how to move into sales development management? Thought internally would be the path of least resistance but it’s not the case 🥲

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Do you have a Team Lead role within the "levels"?  That's how I got into management and then moved up to a Director role over the years.

Also, was your company founded by former military folks? That would account for the ranking system that I've only seen a few places.
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So they used to have a coach player team lead role which has since been removed. Seemed people weren’t hitting targets with that model. 

 ’ve a great first line manager who is happy to promote me and my initiatives. Crazy thing is I have asked my director for team lead informal title and role and he pushed back saying “no budget” and “that would have to be a formal process”, even though I called out id be happy to do it in my current role with no raise.

There are a few in senior leadership, but the team is made up of a mix of founding members, radical candor, OKRs so I think the levels are just something they copied as well.
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Sounds like you have to hit that path to L-4 then management there or have to look elsewhere and be wary of Sales Development Manager or Director of Business Development, ask flat out if this is managing people or if you are the entire SDR team if you look external
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Ya my options as I see are:

1. Get promoted to L4, which require 2 quarters hitting 120% 
2. Stay and keep applying externally and use my network hoping someone will take a chance
3.Start again as an AE in a new business and work my way up

Agreed, some titles are so misleading and I could see how you could end up being back as a SDR
How long does it take to move from an AE role to a sales manager role?
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Is management truly a career move?