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MrMotivation closed DoorDash for $300k to the Operations department

Massive logo to win for the company I work for. The great thing about this deal is that it rises from $300k to $1 million over four years because of their new business unit.

One of the main things I am proud of in this deal is our (Sales Engineer, my VP, My SDR, Me) ability to sell on our value. We came in at almost 3x the price of our main competitor in the deal (and in the marketplace) and still came out on top. My Sales Engineer and I presented some of the best demos and ROI analysis I have done in awhile, and it made the conversation that much easier.

We are projected to save them close to $3million in spend over the next year and a half and I cannot wait to be able to share their results with future customers and prospects. Deal came in on the last day of Q1 and granted us a huge accelerator. Cherry on top!

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Well done!Β 
Wow nice, congrats!
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Keep showing your value boo! I LOVE this win for you!Β 
Thank you!! Much appreciatedΒ 
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Congrats! @MrMotivation, great logo!
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