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My first major deal.

I will never forget the day. I went in for an interview with the SVP of Sales and he asked me what my first task would be if I got the job. I looked at him and said close a deal in your hardest market. He laughed at me and said how long would that take you, I looked back at him and said depends on the market and how long you been trying. He smiled and said we have been trying for 5 years with no luck not even a demo request. So I looked at him and said 6 months, he said your very confident I said yeah I have loads of experience in Salea and then he looked at me and said what would you expect you commission to be I said anything over 1 million would be 10% of total sale price. He laughed his head off for like 5 min and I thought I over stepped. Then with a very serious face he said close the deal above 1 million and you can get your 10% oh by the way your hired. So I started work and did all my research and prospecting and finally had the perfect client, spoke to them on the phone they invited me down to Vegas, basically we had a real good time and towards the end on the weekend they say to me we want 2000 poker tables and 3000 Blackjack tables and 1000 Slot machines, how long and what's the damage. I looked at them and said give me 5 min to see how long it will take to manufacture and program. Spoke to the manufacturing team and they said the tables will take 6 months but the slots they can have in 2 weeks with 3 weeks shipping. well the damage was 22 million I drew up the contract for them and they signed before the weekend was over, we received 80% upfront with the remaining paid on delivery. I went into the SVP s office and presented him with the signed contract and proof of payment and he said Β with a surprised expression on him face you got your 10% and then he said take the rest of the year off you will get your monthly salary every month. I took a full year off and enjoyed it to the fullest. It was just amazing.Β 
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aussiebro closed a deal for $180k to the Enterprise Procurement, Workplace Technology departments
Worked with this account for a number of years now, and its only now that we are seeing the scaled benefits of our partnership. 180k ULA in the bag so we can spread our SaaS like wildfire across numero...
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