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My old work threatened to sue me today.

Couple of months back, I left my old work as it just wasn't a vibe yah feel me.

Mainly they had no idea what they were doing on the SDRside, and the head of sales was pulling numbers out of his ass and expecting me to jump up there to fill it.

Anyway, one of my colleagues, a fellow trench SDR warrior, was also looking to leave. He'd already been interviewing for a few months but hadn't found the right role.

Recruiter I knew shared a role that was mucho more mullah than I knew he was earning, so I shared it with him. SDR homie asked me to refer him, so I did.

SDR and company did the little recruiting sideways tango, and a lovely little contract of employment was born.

SDR goes out for drinks tells fellow employee about this, employee goes full ratata, and HR hears. Uh oh, they big frowny face.

In my old contract, there is a no poachy clause, but it limits it to Key workers, which in turn is defined as Senior workers, i.e. management.

So today, I get an email from old HR going - 'Q5 hope you're well, but you've been a very naughty boy. As you know, you can't do any poachy poachy of key workers or you'll get a spank from legal.' I guffawed.

Anyway, contracts, aren't they hilarious?

No moral to the story. I just found the dick-swinging funny.

P.S they'd already put him on fucking PIP as well.

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