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Need some BDR advice

I’ve been in a Bdr role for about a year now at a smaller company in the healthcare saas space. I’ve been absolutely crushing it with new business and outbound opps, and have definitely established myself as a leader on the team. However - I do not have the same inbound flow of other territories and this leads to missing quota some months despite having way more outbound production than anyone else. Not really a clear vertical pathway to full cycle AE in sight and I see more reps leaving than staying. Would it be worth it to explore other opportunities? Currently have the opportunity to join an enterprise level team at a well known paas company, with a higher salary but OTE is relatively the same and some attractive stock options. Would I be setting myself back just jumping to another BDR/SDR role? Has anyone had any experiences like this?

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Yeah that's a tough one. I'd try to apply to some AE positions. Even though you might be underqualified, salespeople are so in demand that somebody might take a gamble on you
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that's queen coups to u
It's always worth it to explore other opportunities if you aren't happy with your earnings/growth potential/company culture. If you don't see a path to AE and that's what you want PLUS turnover is high, I think you know what you need to do. 

Make sure that if you do take another BDR/SDR role that you discuss opportunities for growth and the path to get there during the interview process. Try and get the insider scoop on the company to make sure management isn't just telling you what you want to hear.

Would you rather jump ship for another BDR job but get to be an AE in a year, or stay at your current job where AE is nowhere in sight?
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Kind of in the same boat as you. I'd say it's a good thing to explore, especially if you're not going anywhere at your current company. I've been dominating the leaderboards for appointments set as well as # of dials and things just move slow when it comes to promotions. 

I'd say there's nothing wrong in talking to your manager or a manager from a different vertical to see what's out there. Turnover is always high with BDRs, so use your best judgement and good luck!
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