Needing inspo on customer survey

I want to figure out what our prospects want us to sell to them. We're currently selling a specialized marketing service that's an obvious need to the marketing leaders we're connecting with (from our perspective) - but no closes. This is why we want to go back to the drawing board to "find product/market fit" and sending a survey is a first step.

Would love some inspo to get started. Ideally, the survey is less than 10 questions.

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Not to rain on your parade, but the fact that no one has bought means there is not an "obvious need".ย 

I'd be dubious of a survey. Most people will ignore a random survey. And if you offer incentives for filling it out (e.g. Amazon gift card) then you're likely to only get responses from cheapskates.

Why not work 1 on 1 with some ideal clients to get more detailed feedback for your target market?
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Not raining at all - the parade started when it was raining. That's the purpose of this post. To figure out "product/market fit". IMHO, there's definitely a need for the service. But my HO might be wrong, hence the survey to validate the thought that we might be wrong in our assumption.

I agree though that a survey might bring some cheapskates. But we will be presenting it to the marketing leaders of these orgs. And we did something very small and similar before where we got some respondents.ย 
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I think it's up to you to do some case studies and figure out why the deals aren't closing. Is it the skills of the sales rep? The function of the product? The price? It's up to you to sell your product to prospects, not for the prospects to sell you on what products you need to be selling...

I think I was just told to bring them a new client so they can use our product?


We can't demo exactly what the customer wants to see