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Negotiating Salary - Account Executive

Currently negotiating two offers for an AE position at Series A & B companies.

Was at my last job for 4 years so haven't negotiated comp in awhile what tips and recommendations does the War Room have?

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I would pick the company you feel is the best fit regardless of comp but then approach the comp convo from the perspective that you simply need X dollar figure and benefits to make it work.
Account Executive
Tell us more about the offers: salary, OTE, draw, equity, benefits etc
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have they given you a base comp/OTE range?Β  If not ask what the average rep makes and make them tell you the avg split of base vs variable comp - you should know these things before accepting any new role anyway.Β  Β Using that baseline, ask for a modest increase on at least one of those ends (10-15%).Β  Choosing variable vs base for this can tell different things about you so try to read your audience.Β 

You can also ask for things like, "bump up my base to match my variable 50/50 to show your investment in me the candidate as I am investing in you, Mr. Company".Β  If they want to hire you it is unlikely they will back off their offer if you ask for a small increase and justify it.Β  If they don't want to pay you more they will likely say "the offer is as stands" and then you can decide whether you want to take it.Β  As Derp sayid in the comment the more info we have the more helpful we can be...

also, I suggest negotiating the offers individually and then picking the best one.Β Β 
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I would make a decision on which company you want to go with first as if comp were the same. If you want to play 2 offers off one another to maximize your OTE then you can say you have another offer you're considering. Regardless of getting that offer or not saying that you are looking for a 15% increase from what you previously made or if you can get me to xyz number for comp and consider the benefits of PTO, healthcare and stock/401k all the same. That way you show that you're in demand. They expect someone good at sales to negotiate.Β 
Well i negotiate either way start with like 50% increase then see what is their ceiling floor. However note im in Egypt the comps are different and we don't have glassdoor or compgauge
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Was just offered an Account Executive position at my company. Help me decide what to do!
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