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All I do is prospect in the net new space as an SDR and let's just say well... it's horrible. How should I go about increasing the amount of opportunities I identify? I mostly call/leave voicemails and shoot emails. Rarely get any traction.

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So while prospecting and outbound is tedious and takes discipline, it's the foundation to being a well rounded salesperson. Great sales reps outbound no matter how good their SDR or inbound flow is- that's how they smash targets. They aren't magic bullet amazing sellers- they double their opportunities, double their losses, and double their closed business.ย 

If you aren't getting any traction, try personalizing your messaging a bit. Would you respond to the emails you're sending or the voicemails you're leaving? Though it's extremely hard to scale what I'm about to say, it will likely make your day more fun and yield more opps, plus you have nothing to lose:

Start sending emails to people that could ONLY be sent to those people and no one else. Call something unique to them out, get creative, be efficient and do your best to cut through their noisy inbox.ย 

You have nothing to lose by trying this. Do this enough times, you'll start getting way more traction than you are currently.ย 
Thank you very much KlosingTime. Much needed!
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First and foremost, you have to realize that outbound prospecting isn't like punching a time clock, just because you make calls, leave voicemails and send emails doesn't guarantee any type of success.ย  ย 

Are you reaching out to the right people?ย 
Are you reaching out at the right times?ย 
Are you reaching out using the right mediums?ย 
Are you reaching out enough? (the average call to contact rate in B2B right now is 2-3% (even with direct dials)ย 

Being a decision maker, I can tell you that I get on average 40-50 lame, template garbage emails every single day.ย  Your prospects are battling a lot of NOISE right now, how are you standing out from the noise.ย ย 

If you are on Linkedin , I'd recommend you follow Bec Holland, she puts out some solid content for B2B SDRs.ย 

Thank you for the insight LordBusiness, your advice is much appreciated.ย 
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You cant just call a prospect once. Make notes in your CRM about time and day that you called. Keep switching it up.ย 
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In addition to all of the other great responses here, I definitely recommend a multi-touch campaign.

Monday - LinkedIn connect/Call
Tuesday - Email
Wednesday - Mailer
Thursday - Another Call
Friday - Breakup note

Not necessarily those exact steps, but hitting them each day will generally get you at least an answer!
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